May 04 2008

Welcome Bienvenidos Asencio’s!

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We are Aaron, Emily, Diego and Scarlett.  To all the other Asencio’s out there, I would like to thank you for visiting our site and sharing your stories. My great grandfather Antonio Asencio emigrated from Guadalajara, Mexico. Antonio’s son, also named Antonio, had four sons: Antonio (Tony), Adrian, Edmond, Joseph, and Johnny and two daughters: Loretta and Doreen. Adrian is my father. To the best of my knowledge all of our relatives live in Southern California.  Please feel free to post where your family originates from and anything else you would like to share.

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  1. Hi my name is T’Pring Asencio, and I am a Naturopathic Doctor! I live in Fayetteville North Carolina. It is so awesome to connect with other Asencio’s!

    Love and Light!

  2. Aurea says:

    I am Aurea Sola-Asencio. My mother is Aurea Esther Asencio of Cabo Rojo, PR. She is the daughter of Oscar Asencio & Francisca Ramos Asencio (my grandparents), also of Cabo Rojo, PR. My mother raised my sisters (Esther & Anna) & I in Queens, NY. (We grew up in the 80’s 🙂 I have no doubt that as an Asencio, I have a lot of family in the U.S. alone that I’ve yet to meet! Christine’s post above is my oldest child. I now live in Fl w/my children (Christine, Marc-passed away in ’05, Brian & Paul) who are now adults.

  3. Herson A Ascencio says:

    Hey, My name is Herson Ascencio, I am 17 years old and I am currently living in Los Angeles. My Father Jose Ascencio was born in Santa Ana, El Salvador. My Grandfather was also born there but recently passed away. I have always wanted to learn of the origin but never could find an accurate one. I am proud of having this name and may all the Ascencio family be awesome forever.

  4. Alejandro ascencio says:

    Hi, my name is Alejandro,Ascencio my grandfather’s name is Cenovio Ascencio Chavez

  5. Hello! I am (proudly!) Adrienne Asencio, daughter of Rafael A. Asencio. I was born and raised in New York. I love my last name! Asencio’s rock!

  6. Nick Ascencio says:

    I don’t know if my post belongs here, but my grandfather emigrated from Guadalajara sometime in the early 1900’s. I have been told by family members that the original spelling of our last name was Asencio, but was changed due to a clerical error when great grandpa was going through the emigration process. He was hesitant to register a complaint about the error for fear of deportation.

    My grandfather’s name was Frank (Ascencio) and my father’s name is Ramon (Ascencio). They lived in the Chicago area from the 1920’s through the 1970’s.

    We have family spread out throughout the United States under the Ascencio name, but could be tied into the Asencio tree as well.

    • Edelmira Ascencio Murphy says:

      I’m first generation born in the USA. My parents come from the Zamora michoacan area. I was told that our name used to be spelled differently and when the village (in Michoacan) got a school teacher he changed the spelling. I’ll have to learn how we used to spell it. I’m looking for information of where in Spain the name Ascencio (or other similar spelling originated). Any help would be appreciated. Also last name Alonzo.

  7. jorge asencio jr says:

    My name is Jorge Asencio, my Father is Jorge Asencio Velez. My mother was Blanca Padilla Camacho [ Lula] she passed on Nov. 7th 2011, my grandparents were David Asencio Pagan and my grand grandmother was Cruz Velez Padilla from Cabo Rojo. Our family originated in spain and spread throughout Europe in the 1500 hundreds. In 2011 I started a group called Asencio’s Around The World and we have 120 members with their own stories so if any of you Asencio’s want to look at this group it’s on face book and you can join and share your history,I hope to bring thousands of Asencio’s together through this group my Email is and you canfind me on Facebook under Jorge Asencio Jr. I hope to hear from any of you. P.S. the group is an open group.

    • Tashima Asencio says:

      Hola Jorge.
      Do you mind my asking how old you are? My dad was also Jorge born 1942 in Cabo Rojo to Isabel Olmeda-Melendez. He had uncles named Pedro, Francis and others I can’t recall.

  8. Rene laurencio Asencio says:

    I’m laurencio asencio from Cuba, my granfather was from Llanos Tunas P.R
    His name Ernesto Asencio Ferrer.He came to Cuba in the first half of last century.

    • If you want to see more Asencio’s go to Asencio’s Around The World on facebook.

    • Sandra Conway says:


      My grandmother had a brother and a cousin from Llanos Tuna, Cabo Rojo, PR. go to Cuba in the 1950’s. Their names were Ernesto and Arsecio (or Arcenio) Asencio. The mother and Father of one of them was Maria Monserrate Ferrer Pabon and the Father Gregorio Asencio Toro. I know that one of them came back to PR to visit and then they never returned.

      I do not know anything about them but except that my grandmother’s brother left a daughter who still lives, Milagros. He left her with my grandmother, Aurea.

  9. Joy says:

    Hi everyone!

    I am so glad that I found this website though I really don’t know if we are still related to each other. I am Joy Asencio, 25 years old from Philippines. My grandfather Emilliano Asencio left when my father is still young. I am hoping that this site will help me find my grandfather. We last saw him year 1991. After that meeting, we never heard anything from him. We know that he has a second family and we admit that. All we want to know is where he is staying now. If anyone reads my comment here especially the Asencios here in Philippines, if you know something about my grandfather, please let me know.

    Thanks! Godbless!

  10. michael s asencio says:

    Hello, my name is Michael Stephen Asencio…from southern california…..I know my fathers name was the same and he had multiple brother( Eddie, George, Valerie) but don’t know anything about them other than they are in their late 50’s…I’m hoping to locate a grandparent who may still be alive

  11. Edwin Tito Asencio says:

    Hello My name is Edwin Tito Asencio my father was Alberto Asencio we are from ponce Puerto Rico my grand father Juan Asencio was from spain moved with his two brothers to Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico My grandfather was born in spain around the yr 1867 , the three brothers had a dispute have no idea what it was about my grandfather went to Ponce Puerto Rico one brother went to Santo Domingo and the other stayed in Cabo Rojo the sad part is as far as I know they never spoke again (Asencio pride ) well my grandfather had a son (my dad) Alberto Asencio and daughters Margo ,Alicia , Gladys Juan Asencio past away dec 14th 1957 my dad Alberto Asencio moved to NYC in the late 50’s my dad Alberto Asencio past away Jan 15 1967 there are seven of us Angel asencio (past away) Milagros Asencio (still lived in Ponce) Daisy Asencio (lives in Penn) Carmen Asencio (lives Puerto rico) Emma Asencio (bx NY) Stephen Asencio (Mt Dora Fl) ans me the youngest Edwin Tito Asencio ( Davenport Fl). There is still one of my aunts that is still living Alicia Asencio who lives in Miami Fl. I recently made contack with lost family members for my grandfathers brothers in santo Domingo and cabo Rojo its a shame that i never got to meet so many family members I really hope to meet more family members our family has a very proud history and I am one who is very proud to be an Asencio

    • Javier Asencio says:

      Hi all. My name is Javier Asencio. My father is Domingo Asencio Lugo. My grandfather was Domingo Asencio Irizarry. I never knew my grandfather and anyone before him. My father was born y Guayanilla and moved to Ponce. No I live in Ponce and I don’t know any family from Asencio. My father thinks that my grandfather was Dominican but we don’t realy know. Please I would like to meet family from the Asencio tree.

  12. Milagros Cuevas Asencio says:

    My mom is from Llanos Tuna, Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico. She is D. Asencio Rivera. She never knew her dad because he was killed when she was a month old. His name was Eusebio Asencio.

  13. Judith lamolli says:

    All the should be Lamolli at the time if you, were not married to the you had to use your mother’s name from what i understand my great grand father was Rafael Lamolli also spelled Lamoli, Lamolly, Lamolle, Lamolie should be Lamolli

    My name is Judy Lamolli

  14. I truly find this a interesting subject. Never looked at this subject in this manner. If you are planning to create some more articles relating to this subject, I definitely will return in the near future!

  15. Stacy Asencio-Sutphen says:


    My name is Stacy Asencio-Sutphen. My family originated from Italy and migrated to Spain, where he spread his seed very well. LOL. He was a political figure. I’m currently seeking more information on him. My Grandfather was born in Brooklyn and so was my dad. Pretty much all I Know.

    Stacy Asencio-Sutphen

  16. Judy Asencio says:

    Hello, My family is from Cabo Rojo P.R. My dad is the youngest of six boys, born to Blanca Perez and Pedro Asencio, My grandfather died very young when my dad was a baby. I never have seen any pictures of him and would like to know if any one who knew him has a picture My dad name is Carlos A. Asencio, his brothers are Rafael, Hector, Tabito, Rene, Ping? – this is what they called him not sure if that was his name.

    • Dennis says:

      Hello Judy, I believe we are cousins. My father is Rafael, and I did meet at one point or another all of his brothers. I hope your father is well, if you see or talk to him, he should remember me, the youngest of Rafael’s two son’s, my older brother is Ralph. Some of the uncle’s knew me as Pepe or Pepito. The last time I saw your father was in the early 80’s , I was visiting Grandma Blanca, with my wife Mayra, and by coincidence your father was there from NY. We were born in NY also, lived in Queens until 1970 when we moved to PR.

      I do know that when I was younger, both Hector aka Nino?, and Pin had passed within a few years of each other, because I remember my dad going to NY for Hector’s funeral.

      I don’t recall ever meeting you, and if so we were very young, but I do remember your dad being at our house in Queens just before we were to move back to P.R.

      I live in Fort Lauderdale now and my brother lives in Pittsburgh. It was nice to hear from one of us cousins, I do know that my father no longer stays in touch with his brothers, never knew the reason why?…..only heard a rumour that there was a disagreement amongst them after grandma Blanca passed.

      I was fairly close with grandma when we lived in PR and used to enjoy going to Cabo Rojo and visit with my dad…..good memories from childhood.

      Well cousin Judy take care, hope all in the family are well…feel free to contact me @

      Sincerely, Dennis

  17. Hello all. My family is from Cabo Rojo P.R. My father, who passed away in March 2010, was Rafael Asencio-Casiano and lived in Arecibo. My grandmother was Beatris Casiano de Asencio. My grandfather was Guaro Asencio. Would love make contact with other family members out there. I can be reached by e-mail –
    PS: Thanks for the site.

  18. William asencio says:

    Im an Asencio family is from P.R. My grand parents ate William f asencio and Ana lafontaine. My father is William f also and Debbie dominguez. just seeing if there is any family out there I don’t know.

  19. Aurea Ascencio says:

    Hello ascencio’s

    My name is Aurea Ascencio. My family also emigrated from Guadalajara, Mexico. My Great grandfather name was Pedro Ascencio and Great grandmother Aurea Gonzalez. They had 4 children, Andres, Pedro, Maximillano, and Maria. I know my great-grandfather remarried and had more children. He also emigrated to California. I am not sure how many children he had or where they are at. It would be nice to know if I have more family.

    • cristabel ascencio says:

      hi i noticed not many people spell the last name Ascencio the same way, but with that said i noticed you spell it the same way my family does. my grandfather or great-grandfather was from Guadalajara, his name was Marco A. Ascencio, as far as i know her had four sons and a daughter that i am aware of, he was married to felicitas Gutierrez both dies over 20 years ago

    • Dan Haneckow says:

      My great grandmother was named Clemencia Ascencio. She was born November 27th 1875. We know very little of her or her family’s history, but it is believed that they came from Colima Mexico. Her mother’s name was likely Virginia. We do not know her father’s name but it is though that he owned, or was associated with a foundry in Colima. She had a brother, who we know even less about, but the one surviving photo of him looks like he belonged to the clergy.

      Clemencia Ascencio came to the United States in 1891. She later married Manuel Travers of Tulare California and raised a large family. My grandmother, born in 1919, is her last surviving child. Clemencia died in 1958.

      I have seen her last name referred to with a number of spellings, but I have seen documents by two of her children, who both wrote it as Ascencio.

      The above is nearly all we know. If anyone has information on Ascencios in Colima Mexico, in the latter 19th century, we would be most interested to find out more.

  20. María Asencio says:

    Hello everyone!!
    My grandfather was born in Puerto Rico, but came to the Domincan Republic and founded a big family here. He was Santos Asencio Irizarry. He had 10 children. We are a realy big family. If you want to see us, go to facebook and look for the page SOMOS ASENCIO!!!

    • rafael asencio says:

      hello everyone I’m rafael asencio iwas born here in philippines I’m a filipino citizen my grandfather came from cebu. he just transfer here in iloilo long time ago ……..

      • Joy says:

        Hi Rafael!

        As of now, I am looking for my relatives here in Philippines, I am Joy. My grandfather is from Tarlac.How about your family? Hope to hear from you soon.

        • Elisa says:

          hi!, i’m also from the PPhilippines, I am trying to find out my mother’s relative from Abra, Benguet. She is lilia Asencio, unfortunately, she died and no one from her family knew what happened to her.

        • Nicole says:

          Hi Joy,

          Im Nicole Asencio, nicky for short.. my father’s side are from Tarlac aswell… i heard before from my aunt ( dad’s side ) my grandfathers relative are all from camiling tarlac.. to be honest never met most of my dads reltives that makes me sad..i grew up in manila and moved here in n. america…hope u reply im thinkng we’re kinda related ( hopefully )..tnx


  21. Edgar says:

    hey!!!, please visit the Facebook: SOMOS ASENCIO!!!!

  22. christine says:

    Hello. my Family is from Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico. My great grandfather was Oscar Asencio who married to Francesca Ramos. They had 6 children. Only 1 girl which is my grandmother Aurea. I know I have many cousins and other relatives in PR and I hope to meet you all soon! Much love from Florida!

    • christine says:

      Correction.. They had 7 children. 6 boys and 1 girl. I also believe a lot ofthe family is here in the states mostly in NYC

  23. Fernando Asencio says:

    Hey there, I’m an Asencio from San Cristobal, Dominican Republic. We have two large Asencio family’s here. One is the Asencio, who are the owner’s of the beer plant Presidente, they to put it plainly are white European.

    My Asencio’s are from San Cristobal, the birthplace of the constitution of the DR. My greatgrandfather Domingo Asencio has a street named after him since he was around since the time of the founding of the Republic. There is a street called San Miguel or Balsequillo, San Cristobal province where everyone is an Asencio!!!!! We are also of the darker persuasion, in other words we is mainly black (even though you do find us in many shades and color’s).

    Take care my fellow Asencio’s

    Un placer!!!

    • Angel Diaz Aencio says:

      Bueno Fernado, My mother’s great grandfather was also Domingo Asencio, from San Cristobal. Her father’s name was Luis Asencio. Her grandmother was Cayetana Asencio and her husband who never gave him his last name was Aurelio Tamares Mateo.

  24. Melvin says:


    I am Asencio-Pagan also from Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico. My mother and father are both from Cabo-Rojo. Father Melvin Asencio Senior and I am Jr. My Mother is Pagan and from La Tuna.. as those from Cabo Rojo would know.

    • Livia Martinez says:

      Hello Melvin

      My father is your fathers cousin my fathers name is Papo Martinez Asencio ( he is the electromecanic in cabo rojo. I spoke to him and he told me. Pleasure to see you here I live in florida now. my email is

  25. Diomaris says:


    I’m a Padilla-Ascencio from Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico. My grandmother was Asia Ascencio, she was born in the 1920’s, her mother died at childbirth and her father never claimed her (he was already married). She had two sons and a daughter and died about six years ago.

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